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Bronze plaques are timeless. Bronze is made of an alloy of copper and other non-forrous metals meaning that a bronze plaque will not 'rust'. It will not deteriorate over time. If manufactured without a clear coat, the plaque will develop the famous blue/green patina seen on many older castings. The plaque may contain information about the site or building where it is installed or possibly, an homage to a person or organization being honored.

We have created this site to provide information about the purchase of bronze plaques.

There are many fine providers of plaques that can be found on the Internet but they are not commodities that should be purchased for the lowest price. Proper design of bronze plaques requires the efforts of one or more experienced designers - not unlike a building that requires the talents of an experienced architect.

Our recommended sites have been proven to have the designers with the experience to lay out bronze plaques that not only look good, but stand the test of time. Anyone can lay out words using a word processor and define different font styles and sizes that look good on paper. It takes one of the specialists at these companies to produce a layout that will take into account the process of casting molten metal into a finished plaque.

You need to evaluate this and many other factors in reaching your decision in finding your plaque designer.

All products at our recommended sites are 100% bronze and are designed and manufactured in the United States.  The prices are already discounted.  If you find prices that are lower, we recommend that you read "The Facts" below.

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It is a well known law of economics that states that you can only have 2 of the following ;
  High Quality - Good Service - Low Price

We believe we offer the best of all three.

HIGH QUALITY - Bronze is forever!!! The alloy bronze is created by melting down ingots of copper, tin and lead in an 88/10/2 ratio.  When the name is preceded by another word or letter in its name, it is probably not the real alloy.  Faux bronze is NOT bronze.  By definition, Faux is "A French word meaning false, fake, imitation or artificial."  Bronze mixed with scrap iron is not bronze and it will rust over time. Metallic coated plastic made to look like bronze is not bronze. Etched zinc, faux bronze and bronze metallic coated plastic are all products sold as low cost alternates to real bronze.  When new, many of these cheaper products look like real bronze and it is almost impossible for the average consumer to tell the difference between bronze and one of these imitation products.   While these faux bronze products may be usable for your purpose, they typically last only a few years and can not outlive real bronze.

GOOD SERVICE -  Service is as important as price and quality.  What good is low cost and high quality if the end result is late delivery or just plain unacceptable because the supplier 'sold you what you asked for'.  Service not only includes being friendly when a customer places an order.  It also includes the ability (and knowledge) to tell a customer that something they are requesting may not be right and then working with the customer to achieve a properly designed product.  Making a sale is not enough for us. We must feel that the end product is the best possible design and we are willing to put our name on it.

LOW PRICE - Our prices are discounted.   We do not offer a low come on price and then add cost for each character, item of hardware or delivery.  Our prices are complete.   When you submit your on line quote request,  you will get a full and accurate quotation and a convenient link for purchasing your plaque on-line.  Even if you have to change wording or mounting hardware after our quote, our price will not change as long as the text still fits on the same size plaque.

Remember - as in most things in the world today;

You get what you pay for

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All of our plaques are custom designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. You may order them as designed here (with your own words of course), or with any design you desire. Since they are all custom designed and manufactured, you can change the graphics and words easily. If you see a plaque that you like, feel free to fill out our ContactUs form or give us a call - there is no a cost or obligation.


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