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Bronze Plaques with image treatments

Bronze Plaques containing images are an exceptional value with numerous methods for depicting the image.  Thanks to current technology, the only limit is your imagination and budget.  The prices for including images on a bronze plaque range from around $150 to over $2000 (in addition to the price of the bronze plaque) so it is critical that you permit our designers to assist you in your selection of the appropriate method. All bronze plaques that use iimages require significant artistic talent to produce a quality product. Bas relief sculpting uses the talents of a human sculptor (as opposed to photographic methods). This method, above all others, requires exceptional artistic talents such as those exhibited but our own sculptor.

Comparison of plaque imaging methods
Each of these methods is shown in photographs below.
Mounting Location
(Indoors / Outdoors)
Accuracy of Image Production Time (1)
Metal Photo
Either 100% accurate
4 weeks
Etched Halftone
Indoors Only 100% accurate
4 weeks
Flat Relief
Either Artistic License
6 - 8 weeks (2)
Gray Scale Tile $$$ Either 100% accurate 8 weeks
Color Tile
Either 100% accurate
8 weeks
Photographic 3D Rendition (Low Relief)
Either 100% accurate
5 weeks
Sculpted Bas Relief
Either Artistic License
6 - 12 weeks (2)(3)
  1. Production times are estimated standard production times.  Expedited guaranteed production times of 5 day, 10 day and 15 day may be available by special arangement.
  2. Flat Relief and Bas relief are not photographic processes.  The longer RECOMMENDED production times allow you (the customer) time to review our artists efforts and request changes if desired.
  3. Through the extraordinary efforts of the sculptor and the foundry, we have created a custom sculpted bas relief bronze plaque for the U.S. Military in 10 working days.

The image for a bronze plaque with a flat relief is created by our artist from a photograph.  The subject can be virtually anything from a person, to a building, scene or object.  The entire plaque is solid bronze (or aluminum if selected).

Click an image below to view additional photographs of the plaques and detailed photographs of the flat relief images.


Bronze plaques with raised text and 3 dimensional raised images.  The imaging process allows the inclusion of significant details that are impossible to obtain through the traditional sculpted process.  The overall effect of this process is the inclusion of extraordinary detail while avoiding the 'artistic license' of having a human sculptor model the image.  The image is raised about half of the height of traditional sculpted models.

Click an image to view a larger photo and details.


Click here to view a comparison of different methods of including images on bronze plaques.


A sculpted bas relief as shown below is created in clay by our sculptors and after your review of the model, it is cast in bronze and becomes a part of your plaque - click here to view pictures of this process.

Each of these cast bronze plaques contains a custom sculpted bas relief image. We never use 'generic' bas relief models. Each model is sculpted from the images you provide

Click on an image to view details

Cast bronze plaques are ideal when combined with etched halftone portraits and images as shown on the examples below.

Click on any image to view a larger image and details.

All of our plaques are custom designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. You may order them as designed here (with your own words of course), or with any design you desire. Since they are all custom designed and manufactured, you can change the graphics and words easily. If you see a plaque that you like, feel free to fill out our ContactUs form or give us a call - there is no a cost or obligation.


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